San Francisco Bay

Osprey Days June 24-26 2022



COVID19 Continuing-Era 2022 San Francisco Bay Osprey Days

We are expecting that the San Francisco Bay Osprey Days will still be in a COVID19 Era in 2022. Please know that we will continue to scramble to piece together guided social distanced hikes in the Mare Island Preserve, extra car caravan tours of nest sites throughout Mare Island and even one off the Island, boat trips with 25% fewer passengers and an option of an In-person or Zoom or Facebook Live for our science presentation about Osprey in San Francisco Bay. The exciting news...we are certain that it’s all going to happen again in 2022. So, help us get the word out, won’t you?!

Event Advisory as PDF and Word for our recent 2021 Osprey Days:

Event Advisory 9th Annual Osprey Days Jun 25-27, 2021 .pdf

Event Advisory 9th Annual Osprey Days Jun 25-27, 2021 .docx

We have created activities in this event with COVID19 response first and foremost.Therefore, this year’s Osprey Days will continue to be VERY DIFFERENT than past events we have hosted on Mare Island including Osprey Days.

As with all other COVID19 safety precautions, for ALL activities in this event, follow all laws regarding where to WEAR A MASK. It’s a good idea to continue to wear a mask when you must be closer than 6 ft. social distance minimum and when indoors. Please make every effort to maintain 6 ft. social distance and, wash your hands and use hand sanitizer! Be safe. Be well. Be kind. Easy peazy!



San Francisco Bay Osprey Days is headquartered in 2022 on Mare Island and at the Mare Island Shoreline Heritage Preserve located in Vallejo, Calif. Join us June 24-26, 2022 for guided hikes, driving tours and boat trips to see nesting osprey up close and plenty of fledglings and adults in the sky above.

we will continue to make every effort to plan our schedule with COVID19 precautions, so please comply with them for the your safety.

Please make your donation to Osprey Days and the Bay Area osprey tracking tools project payable to: 
Mare Island Heritage Trust
816 Branciforte St. 
Vallejo, CA 94590

Donate  online:
Call/text: 707-249-9633
Email: myrnahayes@mac.com

Photos: lower left and this; Eric Dugan,

Old Sperry Mill, Vallejo, CA

Photo: Jimmy Sarmiento,

Glen Cove, Vallejo, CA


June 25-27, 2021